Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

video games

League of Legends Fiddlesticks Rework: Riot Games provides big LoL update

Over 1,500 LoL fans have commented on a Reddit post showcasing the new League of Legends Fiddlesticks Rework. And that should tell you something about the hype building around the new design and its LoL implications. The main topics being talked about right now is the changes to the Fiddlesticks abilities list and how much […]

PS5 release date DELAY with Xbox Series X could still work out for PlayStation

While gamers could be very disappointed to hear it, there’s a chance that the PS5 release date could be delayed beyond 2020. Having been officially declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization earlier this week, the Coronavirus is set to have long-lasting effects on the global economy. Recovery rates from COVID-19 have boomed in […]

PS Plus March 2020 UPDATE as Sony launch big PS4 game sale

It’s only been a few days since Sony launched the new PS4 free games lineup for March 2020, but there’s already something new to check out on the PlayStation Store. While not a free game to download like Shadow of the Colossus or Sonic Forces, PlayStation Plus subscribers can check out an exclusive PSN sale. […]

Fortnite Polar Legends Pack price and release date news for new Epic skins bundle

According to leakers, this week will see the release of the Epic Fortnite Polar Legends Pack on all platforms. And what makes this Fortnite Battle Royale skins bundle a little is that it is rumoured to include a lot of skins. The Polar Legends Pack leaked earlier in December, following similar reveals of the Winterfest […]

PS Plus January 2019: PS4 free games news coming soon

It doesn’t look like the PS Plus January 2020 free games list will be announced this week by Sony. But it won’t be long before we find out what the tech giant has planned for next year with its popular PlayStation Plus subscription service. As many gamers will already know, each month sees two PS4 […]