Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020


The 2019 League of Legends Worlds finals peaked at 44 million viewers

The 2019 World Championship finals between Europe’s G2 Esports and China’s FunPlus Phoenix was the most-watched League of Legends match in the game’s 10-year history. The quick three-game series held in Paris brought in a 21.8 million average minute audience and 44 million concurrent viewers, narrowly beating last year’s record, according to Riot Games. FPX […]

New Apex Legends Update: Level Cap Increase, Full Patch Notes

After being delayed for Xbox One and PS4, Apex Legends Update 3.2 is now live across all platforms, including PC. The update is huge–both in terms of data size and the quality-of-life changes it implements. Here’s everything new and different, including the revamped progression system, as well as a look at the patch notes. The […]

Apex Legends celebrates Halloween with a terrifying clown, among others

To help celebrate Halloween, Apex Legends will have a spooky event, Fight or Fright, running from Oct. 15 until Nov. 5. The event will bring new skins, a limited team game mode, and other cosmetics. A new game mode called Shadowfall will utilize the Kings Canyon map, but with a nighttime twist. After 35 players […]