Sunday, 23 Feb 2020


Undead Labs' New Studio Is "Not Directly Affiliated" With Xbox Game Studios [Update]

Update: In an effort to clarify how Undead Labs’ recently announced studio fits with the family of Xbox Game Studios, a Microsoft spokesperson has issued the following statement: “Jeff’s vision to increase access and expand opportunities for game development jobs and skills is an independent project. While not directly affiliated, Xbox Game Studios shares his […]

In 2020, I can no longer abide the 100-hour RPG

Do you know what’s fantastic about The Outer Worlds? It’s about 20 hours, maybe a little more if you want to take your time with it. All of those 20 hours are a good time, and then the game’s done! There’s no more! I wish more games would follow in Obsidian’s footsteps here, because I’m […]

Mewtwo’s Legendary Raid Hour is crucial for Pokémon Go players

Mewtwo will flood Pokémon Go raids today from 6-7 p.m. in your local time. Players will also get an additional two free Raid Passes during the hour from spinning discs at gyms. This is one of the most important Legendary Raid Hours we’ve gotten in Pokémon Go so far, as this iteration of Mewtwo is […]