Friday, 22 Sep 2023

What Makes Warzone’s Movement So Much Worse Than Apex Legends’

Warzone players are saying that Call of Duty’s battle royale game just doesn’t quite have the same freedom of movement as Apex Legends.

Call of Duty: Warzone released last week as the most hotly anticipated new battle royale game since Apex Legends. It’s already stolen a lot of Apex fans eager to try out something new, but those fans are finding Warzone’s movement a little hard to get used to.

The issue seems to be that Warzone is a very different game than Apex Legends. While Apex Legends uses similar movement found in Titanfall 2, a game renowned for its ultra-smooth animation and jumping, Warzone tries to be a bit more like PUBG in terms of realism.

Let’s start with jumping. In Warzone, your character can barely hop more than 2 feet in the air, which is nothing compared to Apex Legends 4-5-foot leaps. It’s still enough to cross Warzone‘s small gaps, but not enough to leap from building to building.

Another factor is sprinting. Warzone uses the same rules as Call of Duty, which provides the player with running (at the cost of being able to shoot) as well as limited bouts of “tactical sprinting.” This last one turns on the afterburners and allows for running at full speed, but it can only be performed in short bursts. Compare that to Apex Legends where sprinting can be done till your lungs bleed, and it can make Warzone feel a lot slower.

That’s not to say that Warzone doesn’t have its perks. Being able to deploy your parachute as often as you want can make descents a lot faster than in Apex Legends, and Warzone‘s helicopters and vehicles make traversing the map a breeze.

But it’s the personal freedom that sets the two apart. In Apex, you can vault over walls and fences that are many times taller than your own character, while Warzone limits vaulting to reasonable heights considering you’re weighted down with 80 pounds of tactical gear.

Players have noted that in recent Reddit posts too, with some hoping that Warzone changes overall movement to be more Apex-like.

One thing that Warzone can do is increase your tactical sprint time and provide a timer to let players know how much juice they still have left in the tank. It’s a small change, but one that would let new players get a feel for their avatar’s capabilities much faster (and without the headache of learning from trial and error).

Other than that, ziplines and trampolines might be fun, but then we might need to see a crossover expansion featuring Octane and Pathfinder.

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