Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Resident Evil 3 Cut The Best Character

As reviews pile in for the remake of Resident Evil 3, many have indicated that the game is good, but not as good as Resident Evil 2 due to its much shorter storyline and the fact that it has only one playable main story. There have also been several other cuts that do not seem merited, and that includings erasing Barry Burton. #BarryBurtonMatters #WheresMyJillSandwich

In the original game, Jill could make several decisions that would impact the course of the game and lead to several narrative changes during the story and at its end. Through all the possible choices that could be made, having Barry show up at the end of the game to fly the helicopter out of Raccoon City at the last possible moment before it is destroyed is iconic, and fans expected to see that same ending in some way in the remake. Instead, Barry was removed from the game, along with branching narratives and different endings.

The move feels, to put it simply, sloppy. Both the original and remake of Resident Evil 2 were great in large part because of the two playable characters and their intertwining stories, with choices in Leon or Claire A directly affecting the subsequent playthrough. This, of course, was the style at the time, with Silent Hill having several endings based on choices made.

The remake of Resident Evil 3 has already been criticized for being too short, cutting locations from the original game, not including the Mercenaries mode, and more, so it makes little sense to cut Barry at the end of the game. It could have even been included through some ridiculous, rigorous challenge. Finishing the game with only a handgun used to be a popular one, and the iconic character could’ve been included in a similar scenario.

For those who aren’t familiar with Barry Burton, he is and always has been an important part of the Resident Evil series, though his role has often been in the foreground. In the first Resident Evil, we can presume that while Jill and Chris ran around solving the ridiculous mansion puzzles, Barry moved from place to place with his Magnum and kicked all manner of bioweapon butt and surviving unscathed.

Since then, Barry has been in several games in the series and is a main protagonist in Resident Evil: Gaiden, the 2001 GBA classic, which is worth playing if you haven’t tackled it yet.

Ultimately, we’re upset that the game didn’t allow Barry to make some comment about a Jill Sandwich. Though many fans didn’t expect Barry to get a huge role remake, erasing his character altogether reeks of a rushed job or a careless decision, and it breaks our hearts.

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