Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Pokémon Sword & Shield: Leon Has Awesome Fashion

Pokémon Sword & Shield introduced gamers to many new faces — Marnie, Bede, Hop, Team Yell… each one bringing something fresh and interesting to the series. But, none of these characters were as intriguing as the unbeatable Champion, Leon. Not only is he the undeniable savior of Galar, he is objectively the most stylish character you’ll encounter during your Gym Challenge adventure.

Where do we even begin when analyzing such a well-dressed figure? Should we begin with his hat, designed to look like a king’s crown? What about those spotless white leggings, augmented by spotless white shorts? While these certainly kick things up a notch, they are not the reason he is a fashion icon. No, Leon’s fashion statement is made solely with two bold choices — a flowing cape and wild facial hair.

Just look at that cape. It’s an absolute masterpiece. Leon’s choice of crimson is a perfect match for his purple hair, a color decision further accented by the lovely fur trim of the cloak. He has also chosen to stitch on the logos of all his sponsors, a decision that not only elevates his fashion sense to new heights, but also lets the world know he is a force to be reckoned with. Who else have you encountered in Galar with that many sponsors?

Follow the crimson cape up to his purple hair. From there, you’ll surely notice his wonderful… mutton chops? Sleek, clean, and stylish, these check-marks perfectly contour Leon’s chiseled face. We can only image how much work goes into maintaining these beauties. Importantly, the contrast between his black beard and purple hair is on clear display at all times, only adding to his mystique — is his hair dyed purple, or is his beard dyed black? The world may never know.

These two features make Leon a fashion icon in the world of Galar. Whether or not he was the Champion wouldn’t matter. Anyone dressed this boldly is sure to turn heads. Perhaps his wild fashion is also a battle tactic. By dazzling his opponents with his impeccable attire, they simply cannot focus on the battle at hand. Well played, Leon, well played.

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