Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Perform Death Defying Leaps on PlayStation VR & Steam With Ski Jumping Pro VR

When it comes to Olympic sports all of them require time, dedication and training. When it comes to danger, however, there are some which outclass the rest, with ski jumping one of the more notable disciplines. Hence why few want to hurtle down an icy track and launch themselves into the air hoping to land safely, with fewer still taking it to a professional level. Thankfully, developer Yippee! Entertainment and publisher Kalypso Media have created Ski Jumping Pro VR so fans of the sport don’t have to risk their own necks.

Originally a mobile title, the experience has been revamped for virtual reality (VR) headsets and the first VR experience from the two teams. Teaming up with two-time Olympic ski jumping champion, Andreas Wellinger, to ensure an authentic simulation, you step into Wellinger’s boots to compete and become champion.

Featuring 32 venues across 19 international locations recreated from their real-life counterparts, Ski Jumping Pro VR will offer a variety of modes as well as weather conditions. Career mode will set you on a course to become a professional ski jumper while Quick Jump mode gets you straight into the action.

“Ski Jumping Pro VR is a great leap forward for us in two respects: Firstly, Ski Jumping Pro VR is the first virtual reality title released by Kalypso Media and at the testimonial of Andreas Wellinger is the first that we have ever engaged for a title,” says Marcus Behrens, Publishing Director Mobile at Kalypso Media Group in a statement. “As a two-time Olympic champion and world champion, Andreas is the perfect ambassador for Ski Jumping Pro VR – and can confirm from his own experience the realism of the simulation and the unique thrills that you can experience in the game.”

“The life of a ski jumper is an adrenaline-filled, thrill-a-minute ride, where victory and defeat are very close together. Ski Jumping Pro VR really replicates the edge of the seat thrills and spills and puts you in the centre of one of the most impressive sports in the world,” adds Wellinger, 2018 & 2014 Olympic and 2017 World Ski Jumping Champion.

Ski Jumping Pro VR will be available for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive this Friday, 6th December. For any further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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