Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Every Mario Game Rumored To Be Getting Remastered In 2020

According to VGC and Eurogamer, Nintendo is celebrating Mario’s 35th birthday with tons of new games — and a bunch of old ones, too. That’s right, quite a few remasters seem to be a key part of the celebration.

According to both sources, most of Mario’s back catalog of titles is going to be released on the Switch, with many of the 3D titles receiving remasters for the system. VentureBeat has reported that Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 will all be featured in one package together, or released separately as the Wii U’s The Legend of Zelda remasters were released.

In addition to these games seeing remasters, Super Mario 3D World will also be re-released on its own in a deluxe form that will include new levels. There has been no mention of Super Mario 3D Land, but besides that game, every single Super Mario 3D game should be seeing a remaster this year, if the rumors are to be believed.

Most of the 3D Mario titles are stuck on the console that they originally released on, with only Super Mario 64 seeing a remaster on the DS (it is unknown which version of 64 is being considered for the remaster). Either way, it will be great for players to have an easy way to access these games for the first time in years.

Most of the games would easily transfer over to the Switch, save for the Super Mario Galaxy games and their motion controls, but overall, some updated visuals and… maybe some tweaks on Super Mario Sunshine’s voice acting, and this will be a fantastic package for Mario fans to dig into.

There are also reports that there is a new Paper Mario game on the way that is akin to the original games in the series, something fans have been wanting for years. If all of this turns out to be true, Nintendo and Mario are both going to have a great 2020.

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