Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

DOOM Eternal: How Long Does It Take To Beat The Game?

Doom Eternal is finally out in the wild and rabid fans are already starting their second (or third) playthroughs. The long wait was well worth it, as is evident from our review. Eternal is an excellent evolution of the foundation developer id Software laid in 2016. Is it a longer game than its predecessor, though?

As with most shooters, that is going to depend on a lot of factors. How skilled are you at FPS games? If you’re a competent-to-excellent player, Eternal isn’t going to be as punishing. You’ll likely speed through the early encounters and get to the mid-game will little resistance. If you’re new to the genre, an easier difficulty will help you make progress, but you’ll likely still hit some roadblocks.

There’s also secrets and collectibles to keep track of, which can add some more hours onto the length. For me, I’m fairly skilled at shooters and love challenging myself. I did my first playthrough on Ultra-Violence (i.e. Hard Mode) and found every collectible while making my way through. I finished Eternal in a little over 15 hours.

The improvements made to the in-game map help tremendously in finding hidden items. There is even a praetor suit upgrade that flat out highlights where collectibles are. This cuts down significantly on the broken pacing from 2016, which basically ruined the flow of combat if you were looking for secrets. A fast-travel system helps further in that you can finish every combat encounter, then spend however long you need searching each level.

Still, Eternal isn’t an easy game. I wouldn’t call it difficult, but it will constantly challenge you at each bend. The game demands a mastery of combat that means you’re engaging with each of its various systems all of the time. It can be overwhelming but starts to feel like second nature by the time you’re at the end. Then there are the cheat codes you can mess around with and level-specific challenges to finish.

Needless to say, the length is variable. If you’re strictly playing the game to kill demons and disregarding all upgrades, Eternal could be as short as eight hours. If you’re doing everything and playing on a harder difficulty, it could take up to 20 hours. This is all without factoring in multiplayer, which has some hefty achievement requirements.

Doom Eternal doesn’t give up the goods all at once, which is nice. It has a solid campaign that is absolutely worth playing a second time, cheats or not. You’ll get your money’s worth here.

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