Saturday, 3 Dec 2022

Acer Aspire Vero is an eco-friendly laptop with plenty of power under the hood

If you’re looking for a stellar laptop but also have one eye on saving the planet the Aspire Vero is for you.

This powerful Intel i7 beast is a truly green PC all about being eco-friendly and upgradeable.

The slimline laptop uses recycled plastic across the entire chassis to limit the dent it makes on the planet.

And its easy-to-tweak physical feature set means you should be able to upgrade it for years to come without the need for another device.

Maker Acer has really gone for the green credentials with this laptop.

They’re vowing to plant 100 trees for every unit sold. More than 50,000 have gone into the ground so far.

If you buy one before the end of October, you’ll also get a free accessory pack containing a Vero Eco Laptop Sleeve made from recycled plastic bottles and the Acer Macaron Mouse, made with recycled materials.

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The sustainable laptop’s body is composed of 30% recycled plastic, cutting CO2 emissions by 21% for the production of that part alone.

It gives the device a grippy feel in the hands with a distinct mottled grey look, featuring splatters of yellow across the design.

The keycaps also contain 50% recycled plastic, and the recyclable cardboard packaging it arrives in can even be repurposed as a DIY laptop stand to avoid any wastage.

The crisp 15.6-inch FHD IPS display is recyclable too.

The device itself boasts 11th Gen Intel Core processors which vary in power depending on your price point, and an in-built VeroSense software gives users the option of selecting a usage mode that has been optimized for energy efficiency and battery life.

That’s ideal when working on less demanding tasks like video viewing or writing documents.

For speed, the laptop runs internet at Wi-Fi 6 levels and on the sides of the device you’ll have plenty of connectivity options thanks to a Type-C USB port and two Type-A USB ports.

The £649 version runs an i5 chip with 8GB of RAM with 512GB of storage, while the top-end £849 model boasts an i7 processor under the hood and 16GB RAM with a 1TB solid-state hard drive.

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Both run the excellent Windows 11 Home user interface, which is so simple and intuitive to use you’ll be up and running in minutes.

The laptop is thin and feels fairly weightless in the hands.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the physical look of the machine at first, particularly around the low-level keyboard, it looks a little blocky as a piece of kit.

That said, it soon warms on you and the device runs super fast.

Under the hood it boasts enough firepower to easily handle tough tasks, running top-of-the-range video games for example.

We were blasting through Xbox hits like Forza Horizon and Halo Infinite very comfortably with superb visuals and sound on that lovely sharp screen.

The user interface was simple but effective and the trackpad, complete with its fingerprint unlock button, has a decent speed to it, allowing you to dart around the screen swiftly when going through documents and spreadsheets.

The Aspire Vero aims to be a “green-pioneer laptop” for the eco-conscious.

It delivers on that promise with a planet protecting physical form and a better ease in which to upgrade for longevity over its compatriots.

But in its belly, it also packs plenty of punch not only for the rigours of the day job, but also play time with processor-heavy programmes like the latest computer games.

It’s not the cheapest laptop out there, but it will last you for years and has a real quality.

A great beginning from Acer and we look forward to seeing where their eco-friendly efforts go next.


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