Sunday, 16 May 2021

3 Reasons Tifa Is The Best FF7 Remake Girl (And 3 Reasons It’s Aerith)

Tifa and Aerith have captivated gamers since Final Fantasy VII debuted in 1997, and the release of the long-awaited remake has brought one question to the forefront of everyone’s minds: who’s best girl? To help folks choose their preferred candidate, we’re compiling a short list of their finest qualities.

Tifa Will Always Be There For You

… Even if she has to haul out the shitty mint chocolate chip pickup truck with the busted back tire to do it. No matter where you are or what kind of trouble you’re in, you can always count on Tifa to rush to the rescue. Nothing is too daunting for our bruiser bartender when it comes to the people she loves: not swarms of highly-trained Shinra goons, or a maelstrom of impenetrable Whispers, or—okay, maybe ghosts are a little too much, but she’ll still be your knight in rusty mint armor, and it’s the thought that counts.

Aerith’s Irrepressible Enthusiasm

Mercenary crashing through a roof, unintentionally getting caught up in an ecoterrorism sect, hunted by Shinra since childhood… nothing seems to get Aerith down! She has an unrestrained zest for life, and that kind of energy is magnetic in the miserable dystopia that is Midgard. People are drawn to Aerith—and if they aren’t, she goes to them, as Cloud, Tifa, and some poor Shinra bootlickers have learned. Whether she’s bumping into you in the street or is about to give you the chair, you can bet meeting Aerith will be an unforgettable experience.

Tifa Can Kick Ass

There’s just something about a woman who isn’t afraid to put the gloves on and get punching, kicking, grappling, etcetera—the list of things Tifa can beat down is roughly equal to the list of illegal wrestling moves she’s memorized. Tifa’s a sweet woman but being nice doesn’t mean she’s required to take anyone’s shit, as the remake is eager to remind us. Some of her best ass-kicking moments don’t even involve being in a fight. Look no further than her competition with Andrea to see one of Tifa’s finest moments. Sure, it’s up to the player to make sure she does her best, but even without player input Tifa does those pull-ups like a champ!

Aerith Can Also Kick Ass

There’s more to kicking butt than actually throwing fists. She may be a healer first and foremost, but Aerith’s not opposed to getting her hands dirty if need be. In fact, she might even be a little too eager; Ray of Judgement, anybody? But Aerith has a deep well of emotional strength beyond her actual capacity to rip ’em up. The kind of stuff that gets thrown at her in Final Fantasy VII would have anyone on their knees sobbing, but Aerith stays standing, and more than that, she stays kind and optimistic. Remaining yourself amidst tragic circumstances belies an iron will, and for that, Aerith deserves her dues.

A Bartender With Tricks Up Her Sleeve

Running a bar isn’t easy. Running a bar while hosting an environmental terrorism cell in its basement is even harder, but Tifa does it with bombast. In between thwarting Shinra’s evil capitalist designs and managing the Seventh Heaven, Tifa’s also picked up a few tricks of the trade: namely, drink-mixing moves that would make anyone’s jaw drop. She’s shaking, she’s stirring, she’s serving Cloud straight whiskey… well, whether or not the developers intended for her to slide him a plain drink after all the effort that went into animating her mixology moves, it definitely shows off Tifa’s bartending skills and her remarkable sense of humor!

A Florist Plying Her Trade In The Sunless Slums

Aerith’s no slouch in the career department either. Like Tifa, she’s a businesswoman, but Aerith builds her brand by peddling flowers in the slums of Midgard: you know, a place notorious for being so miserable that greenery can’t grow there? With her bright personality and impossible basket of flowers, Aerith is quite literally a light in the dark in gloomy Sector 5.

Tifa Or Aerith? What About Tifa And Aerith?

Having said all of that about Tifa and Aerith, you can love both! It certainly does feel disingenuous to pit two amazing women against each other when the Final Fantasy VII Remake has made a point of making them friends. They may be romantic rivals for Cloud’s affections, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying each other’s company, just as it shouldn’t stop players from finding them both wonderful!

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