Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

You can invest in the Intellivision Amico through Fig

The Intellivision Amico is a new family-focused gaming console launching this year, and now you have a chance to invest in it. Intellivision is positioning the device as something between a console and a smartphone. It’s a way for families to get together to play games on a TV without having to worry about the complications of modern hardware. Or, at least, that is the pitch. And Intellivision will gladly accept your help funding that business model through the Fig crowd-investment platform.

You can also preorder the system through Fig, but this campaign is primarily about opening up Amico to investors. Intellvision boss Tommy Tallarico explained why the company turned to Fig.

“Based on the overwhelming volume of investment requests for Intellivision Entertainment, we have decided to offer investors who share our vision to bring families and friends together an opportunity to join us on our exciting journey,” said Tallarico. “Fig’s community publishing platform for indie video game developers and Republic’s mission to feature a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge startups with a majority coming from underserved founders were important selling points for us.”

Intellivision is planning to release Amico for $250, and then the company will sell downloadable games for $3-to-$10 after that. It also comes with two controllers that look almost like the touchwheel iPods.

If that all sounds different than the Nintendos and PlayStations, that’s by design. Intellivision wants to have its own platform where games are simple enough for anyone to play. Of course, that may mean some games end up looking cheap.

But the Amico isn’t for me. I have a PC and three consoles connected to my TV. So maybe the company is onto something I don’t quite comprehend. And maybe some investors on Fig will jive with that vision.

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