Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

You Can Buy And Sell Animals On The Black Market (In Animal Crossing)

Yes, you dirty scoundrel, there is a kind of Animal Crossing black market where you can buy and sell animals. But be prepared to fork out a pretty penny (bell) to get your virtual hands on the animal villagers you seek.

Here we were all going about our business thinking that Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing installment New Horizons was a totally innocuous epitome of innocence and calmness. You spend your time collecting damn seashells and making friends with adorable animals, for goodness’ sake.

That is, when you’re not selling off you adorable animal friends to the highest bidder, of course. For shame!

Wait, what? You could score 1 million bells by selling just one villager? Possibly 10 million bells or more? Okay so like, maybe let’s not write this off just yet. It’s not that morally depraved, is it?

Well, that’s for you to decide. But let’s just say, for the sake of hypothetical discussion, you are indeed looking to make some sweet, sweet bells and become a stinkin’ rich millionaire, you could take a gander at Nookazon and Reddit (at r/AdoptMyVillager). There you’ll find listings for villagers up for grabs, or you could put your own ones up and try your hand at making some wild transactions that could score you some serious moolah.

You know, it’s all just hypothetical. We’ll just leave that option there for you.

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