Saturday, 28 Nov 2020

Xbox’s New UI Is Here To Give You A Taste Of Next Gen

The next generation of console gaming is almost here, and the teases get more frequent and more minute. Recently, Burger King used the PlayStation 5’s startup chime to hype up its new giveaway. Now, Microsoft is delivering its “New Xbox Experience” UI update to show us the menus of the future.

The Xbox Series X and Series S won’t be here until November, but Xbox One owners can try out the New Xbox Experience now. The update works on Xbox One, giving users time to adjust before the new consoles hit (and maybe even talk about it on social media to generate interest).

As for what’s changed, the biggest is that it’s more visual. The UI background will now be dominated by game art, similar to what PS5 does with dynamic themes. This also applies to the store pages. Another thing the Xbox team focused on was faster app integration. New tools make it easier than ever to send screenshots and video to your phone for social media posting or bragging to friends.

Supposedly the New Xbox Experience is also faster. In a recent video, it’s estimated that it’s almost a third faster to load when returning from a game. Xbox Series X|S will see even more improvements thanks to functions like Quick Resume. So if you have Xbox One, go ahead and see if you can update. It just might put you in the next-gen mood.

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