Sunday, 26 Jun 2022

Xbox Series X previews confirm loads times can be under a minute

Hands-on impressions of the Xbox Series X are confirming some major technical aspects, such as load times and performance.

With the Xbox Series X due to launch in early November, numerous outlets have been able to try out the console for themselves, with embargoes lifting earlier today and detailing a number of the important technical aspects which Microsoft has been hyping up over the last several months.

First of all, loading times for any games played using the backwards compatibility feature have been drastically cut, with some games needing less than a minute to load.

GameSpot has compared the loading times for certain games played on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, specifically the time it takes to get from the title screen to gameplay, and the differences are almost staggering.

Red Dead Redemption 2, for example, takes two minutes and eight seconds on Xbox One X, but only 38 seconds on Xbox Series X.

Final Fantasy 15, meanwhile, goes from one minute and 11 seconds on Xbox One X to 13 seconds on Xbox Series X. These drastically shorter times will no doubt make playing on the new console substantially more appealing.

Performance has also been improved for many titles. According to The Verge, games like Warframe and Sea Of Thieves benefit from the more powerful hardware, resulting in them running more smoothly.

Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has praised the Quick Resume feature, calling it a ‘game changer.’

While modern consoles allow you to pause your progress in a game and return to a console’s dashboard, you can’t then switch to another game without closing the current one.

But the Xbox Series X can reportedly do this with multiple games, allowing you to jump back and forth between them without ever fearing losing your progress, with GameSpot’s Michael Higham saying that he was able to have six games suspended at once.

None of the outlets were able to test out how games designed for next gen consoles run on the Xbox Series X, but this is still a strong showing from Microsoft.

Knowing that these features work effectively in practice is sure to please fans and potentially win over the undecided.

The Xbox Series X will release on November 10.

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