Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Xbox Series X complete specs revealed, officially compared to a fridge

Microsoft has shared more technical details about the Xbox Series X and officially unveiled the new controller and a redesigned D-pad.

Withboth the PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X possibly being delayed until next year, it looks as ifMicrosoft is trying to drum up as much interest and excitement for its consoleas possible.

Onlya few weeks ago, the company shared anumber of new features for the console, and today it has unveiled the fulltechnical specs.

It honestly looks like just a bunch of numbers to us, but Microsoft goes into a lot more detail on the official website, where it discusses things like more responsive controls and ray-tracing.

The average customer isn’t likely to care very much though, so Microsoft have also uploaded a video to show off just how impressive its console is in terms of loading times.

It’s brief but there is a clear difference between how long it takes to load up State Of Decay 2 on Xbox Series X compared to even the Xbox One X, with the former taking roughly eight/nine seconds and the latter taking near 50 seconds. It’s only one example but it certainly sets a good precedent.

The new controller has been unveiled too. While it doesn’t look all that different to the Xbox One controller, the focus seems to be more on the technical side of things, though senior designer Ryan Whitaker has said that the aim was to make it more inclusive and accommodate a wider range of hand sizes.

Themost notable difference is the directional pad, which has been rounded outsomewhat so players can input diagonal actions much easier.

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