Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

World Of Warcraft Player Reaches Level Cap Without Even Touching Tutorial Island

We all know DoubleAgent, aka NeutralAgent, also known as World of Warcraft's Pacificist Panda, who famously achieved max level after the Legion expansion dropped after 8,000 in-game hours. Well, now there's a new pacifist panda in town, only they're not actually in town. They haven't even left the boat yet.

Cheatcho over on the World of Warcraft subreddit (with thanks to GamesRadar) has confirmed they've reached level 70, the new level cap in Dragonflight, by not even leaving the starting boat that takes the player to Exile's Reach. They've achieved this feat by taking advantage of WoW's account-wide Pet Battle quests, which allow the player to complete them on any character at the click of a button.

Normally, a player will spend a few minutes on the boat heading to Exile's Reach just to get the basics of WoW's functionality down, then a massive wave will crush the ship and leave the player waterlogged on the beach. However, if the player doesn't move, the ship never gets destroyed, leaving Cheatcho on the ship forever.

Pet Battles are a Pokemon-like minigame that you can play with most in-game companions (or pets). Most of the rewards are only obtained by the character that actually takes part in Pet Battles, but there are a few account-wide quests that are given out by specific tamers that allow you to cash them in from any character–even one that hasn't left the game's tutorial area and has never taken part in a Pet Battle.

With a character parked at each of the five tamers that provide account-wide quests, Cheatcho was able to level their Panderen from 60 to 70 in about 60 real-life days. All they did was grind out each quest for about five minutes each day, then logged out and logged in on the Panderen that they were passively leveling.

The obvious question for all this is "why?" To which Cheatcho responded: "Because it's the ultimate solo player way to level a character. You never leave the ship. You never defeat another player, dungeon boss or even group with anyone else. You never die. And because I consider doing it fun."

For the list of tamers and tips on how to crush Pet Battle quests super fast, head over to Cheatcho's Reddit post.

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