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Wild Hearts: Kingtusk Boss Fight Guide

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The Kingtusk is a massive boar Kemono in Wild Hearts. The Kingtusk is the final obstacle to overcome before you can enter the city of Minato. The Kingtusk is much larger than the previous Kemono you have fought, adding an additional challenge.

Defeating the Kingtusk can be difficult, but not impossible. Clever usage of your Karakuri and some preparation beforehand are the keys to victory in this battle. Below, we'll take a look at the Kingtusk's weaknesses, the best armor to use to fight it, and some tips and tricks for beating it.

Kingtusk – Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Attribute – Wood
  • Soft Parts – Head
  • Attribute Weaknesses – Fire
  • Ailment Weaknesses – Ablaze, Fatigue, Frozen, Entangled
  • Attribute Resistances – Water, Wood
  • Ailment Resistances – Poisoned
  • Physical Effectiveness – Slash, Lunge

The Kingtusk is a Wood attribute Kemono, meaning its attacks will deal damage of this type. Conversely, it will take increased damage from Fire attribute weapons, but reduced damage from Wood attribute weapons, and no damage from Water attribute weapons. It also resists the Poison ailment more than other ailments.

The best place to attack the Kingtusk is its head, although its tusks take much less damage than the rest of the head. However, if you deal enough damage to its tusks, you may break them off, reducing the effectiveness of attacks that use them, and earning an extra material.

Best Equipment To Fight Kingtusk

The best armor to use to defeat the Kingtusk is the Young Samurai set. This armor set can be crafted using materials from the first two Kemono in the area, Ragetail and Sapscourge. If you're having trouble resisting some of the Kingtusk's attacks, definitely hunt the first two Kemono again to craft this armor.

For weapons, if this is your first time fighting the Kingtusk, you won't have access to a Fire attribute weapon. Instead, equip your strongest weapon of whichever type you like using the best. Although the Kingtusk is slightly weaker to Slash and Lunge damage, any weapon will do well in the right hands.

Kingtusk – Fight Breakdown And Moves

The Kingtusk is a slow but aggressive Kemono, throwing its body weight around to deal massive damage and cover ground. Although these attacks can be devastating, if you can consistently dodge them, the Kingtusk leaves itself wide open for counterattacks.

One of the Kingtusk's most dangerous attacks is its tusk slam. The Kemono will stand on its back legs, raising its head and tusks high into the air before slamming it down in the area to its front. This attack will deal massive damage, and creates a shockwave that can knock you off balance for a second if you're too close to the point of impact. Luckily, this attack has a long wind-up, meaning you can run behind the Kemono and attack its feet while it is locked in the tusk-slamming animation.

The Kingtusk will mainly attack by body slamming to the side or spinning around in a circle, attacking with the weight of its body. These attacks usually have pretty obvious tells, meaning you can avoid them simply by paying attention to the Kemono's movements.

Throughout the fight, be sure to utilize the Bulwark Karakuri. By placing six Crate Karakuri next to each other, in two columns of three, you can create a Karakuri wall that will resist some of the Kingtusk's fiercer attacks, including its charge attack. This move will have the Kingtusk kick its front legs, preparing to charge forward and constantly readjusting its trajectory toward you. If you place a Bulwark between you and the Kemono, it will ram into it and get knocked down.

The Kingtusk will enter its enraged state when it has taken enough damage. During this state, its tusks will grow in size and glow red, empowering most of its attacks and granting it access to new ones. Most notably, it will now attack with spikes of wood or earthquakes. When the ground begins to get covered in wooden tendrils, run out of the area before it is blasted with wooden spikes.

While enraged, the Kingtusk can scrape its tusks along the ground, launching large boulders forward. These can be dodged by leaping to the side or using a Spring Karakuri. Additionally, you can cut off the Kemono's tusks to make this phase of the fight much easier, although there is risk involved with being so close to the Kingtusk's most dangerous area. If you can knock down the Kingtusk with a Bulwark, take advantage and deal as much damage as you can to its tusks.

Be sure to jump onto the Kingtusk's side throughout the fight to execute the Hunter's Arm technique. By targeting one of the glowing blue spots around the monster, you can deal good damage and generate more Karakuri Thread.

Kingtusk – Drops And Materials

The Kingtusk will drop the following materials, which are used to craft the Basara armor set and upgrade various weapons with the Wood attribute.

  • Kingtusk Ivory
  • Kingtusk Horn
  • Kingtusk Thorn
  • Kingtusk Tail
  • Kingtusk Hide
  • Kingtusk Bristle
  • Rare Kingtusk Seed
  • Basara Teardrops
  • Basara Kemono Blood
  • Plum Scent Crystal

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