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When will The Division 2 be back online?

The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC soon, but first there is a sustained period of downtime as Ubisoft applies the patch to the game.

When the game is back online, it's coming with a holiday event that will introduce free Santa hats for all players, plus a themed snowball-launching weapon known as the “Sleigher”.

But first, the downtime: Ubisoft reckons the game will be offline for approximately 4 hours.

"Reminder: Maintenance to deploy Title Update 6.1 will start in 35 minutes. Estimated downtime is 4 hours," the studio said at 8am.

That means we can expect the game to go back online at 12.30pm (UK time).

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The update will introduce quite a few changes to the game, all of which can be seen on our The Division 2 Update Countdown page.

More detailed information can be seen at the link, but here are the topline changes coming to the title:

  • Players can grab a holiday care package that includes a festive Santa hat and three pieces of equipment.

  • Additionally, there are reports of Hoarder NPCs spotted in Washington D.C. who are wearing Santa Hats. These up-to-no-goods offer a special treat, if you can find and kill them: The Sleigher Tommy Gun! This named weapon shoots snowballs and comes with a unique talent "Hidden Rock"—headshots apply confuse, can occur every 20 seconds.

  • How do you get your hands on it? Your first Santa-Hat-wearing Hoarder will drop the gun, guaranteed.

  • Afterward, all Hoarders wearing hats will have a chance to drop another.

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