Friday, 15 Jan 2021

Warzone Player Attempts Crazy Stunt, Instead Sets Car On Fire & Gets Run Over

Chalk this one up to bad timing, bad physics, and plain old bad luck. A Call of Duty: Warzone player was gracious enough to upload this complete fail of a play to Reddit — and we couldn’t be happier that they did.

Their untimely death isn’t entirely their fault. In fact, it’s more so indicative of bad hit-detection on the part of Warzone than it is bad playmaking on their part. From what we can tell, the player was trying to drive their vehicle towards an enemy vehicle, switch into the passenger seat while moving, then throw a grenade out the window as they passed by.

Instead, the grenade gets stuck inside their own vehicle, forcing them to exit. Our unlucky player wasn’t fast enough, and they’re already on fire by the time they open the door and get out. They then scramble around frantically, trying to do what they can to save themselves — only to be splattered by the same enemy they were trying to attack in the first place.

It’s a hilarious sequence, but one that highlights a bit of an issue with hitbox detection in Warzone. Redditors were quick to jump to the player’s defense, with comments such as “You thought you could outsmart infinity ward physics!? Get out of here son!” and “Did that same **** yesterday with a Molotov.” Trying to throw grenades out of a moving car sounds difficult enough as is, but wonky physics makes it all but impossible in Warzone.

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