Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Warzone 2 Streamer Finds A Way To Land Without Using Parachute

A Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 streamer has discovered a handy way to drop onto the map without actually pulling your ripcord. Although it’ll leave you at one hitpoint, you’ll survive, and you’ll certainly be scrounging for weapons and equipment sooner than anyone else.

We have TimTheTatMan to thank for finding this bug/glitch/exploit. As you can see in the video below, Tim drops onto Al Mazrah at terminal velocity, but because he lands in the water, he doesn’t actually die. He’s very close to death, but he still somehow manages to survive the landing without ever opening his parachute. Just to confirm the feat, he does it again in the next match with the same results.

As noted by several fans, it’s not uncommon for games to either eliminate or lessen fall damage applied to characters that land in water, but as another user points out, falling from terminal velocity into a shallow pool is almost certainly still fatal.

There are some obvious tradeoffs to this glitch. On the one hand, you’re extremely vulnerable after hitting the water as you’re left with just a sliver of health. On the other hand, you’ll have undoubtedly beaten everyone else to the ground, giving you a time advantage to locate better weapons and you’ll likely have regenerated at least some of your health by the time your opponents touch down.

It's probably best to just add this to your Warzone arsenal and bust it out when you think you'll have an advantage. Warzone is a game where even the smallest advantages matter, after all. Like the new skin for the LA Thieves which is entirely black, making the user virtually invisible while sitting in shadows. Players are already calling this skin Roze 2.0, with some calling for it to be changed or even removed from Warzone.

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