Saturday, 23 Sep 2023

Warframe Celebrates 7 Years With Dex Raksaka Armour Set – Here’s How To Get It

It’s been seven years since Warframe released, and Digital Extremes is celebrating with a whole bunch of unique loot including the new Dex Raksaka armor. Here’s how you can get it.

Not many games reach seven years old, but against all odds, Warframe has done it. What started out as a quirky free-to-play action game where you play as a futuristic cyber ninja has turned into one the biggest games in the world, spanning all major consoles, PC, and even the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been a wild ride, and Digital Extremes is incredibly grateful to every one of their fans. That’s why they’re celebrating this year’s Warframe anniversary with more free loot than ever before. You get the Raksaka armor set just for logging in during March, but there’s more loot available if you actually play.

As with every Warframe anniversary, a series of alerts have popped up that all players, both new and old, can join to reap some unique rewards. Some of them are returning items from previous years, such as the Dex Furis submachine guns and the Excalibur Dex Skin, but some are brand new, including the Dex Nouchali Syandana, the Excalibur Dex Noggle, and the Excalibur Dex In Action Glyph.

Getting them is fairly straightforward: just play Warframe. Every weekend from now until the end of March, an alert will pop up in your World Taskbar. Head to the alert, complete the mission, and you’ll be rewarded with these unique items in your message inbox afterward.

The first alert began on March 6 at 2 PM and ends today at 2 PM EST. Complete it to earn the Dex Furis, a Weapon Slot, and the Dex Nouchali Syandana. The next one begins on March 13 at 2 PM and rewards the Dex Dakra swords, another weapon slot, and the Excalibur Dex Skin. Alert three begins on March 20 and rewards the Dex Sybaris rifle, another weapon slot, and the Excalibur Dex Noggle. And finally, on March 27 you can get the Excalibur Dex in Action Glyph and the Liset Dex Skin.

There’s also a lot more going on that just free loot. Digital Extremes is hosting a contest to design the next Warframe where players can submit their own ideas for new Warframe designs. Ideas have to be shared on the forums before March 19th, with the winner being announced at this year’s TennoCon.

Warframe just completed an enormous rebalancing called Warframe Revised that fundamentally changes many parts of the game. Self-damage has been removed from explosive weapons, shield gating has been added to all Warframes, and the Kuva Lich and Railjack have both been overhauled, along with a whole bunch of bug fixes. There’s no better time to get into Warframe than right now.

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