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Warframe: 5 Best Planets (& 5 That Are Terrible)

Space games are known for taking players to planets and moons from our solar system and beyond. Warframe is no exception, taking place in the Origin System with all the planets and moons most have come to know.

Most planets have unique tilesets, missions, and rewards available for players to enjoy. Open worlds have been slowly added into the game over time, bringing the starting the planets more in line with more recent remastered tilesets. Some of these planets contain valuable, exclusive resources, while others do nothing of value and simply slow player progression. Here are the best and worst planets that Warframe has to offer.

10 Best: Mercury

One of the first planets players will venture to, Mercury is a simple yet enjoyable planet to play on. Including both Infested and Grineer factions, this planet provides plenty of variety in its mission types and enemies to fight.

Players might remember Captain Vor, the main antagonist in the “Vor’s Prize” quest. He is the boss of this planet, rewarding the rather lackluster Seer pistol when killed. While the Kuva variant is amazing, players won’t be able to use it for quite some time. At least you can farm Morphics here, a resource most Warframes and high-end weapons need.

9 Worst: Kuva Fortress

Speaking of Kuva, the Kuva Fortress houses some of the toughest Grineer soldiers in all of Warframe. These enemies come with higher health, armor, and damage alongside stronger weapon types.

A multitude of sci-fi traps populate the moving asteroid, making this zone more akin to a dungeon than a typical ship. Players who overcome the challenges presented here can obtain Kuva, though at small amounts. These tough enemies provide nothing special, the traps are frustrating and can’t be countered, and the tileset frequently stops player’s parkour moves. It does provide some great challenges, but the tileset hurts what could be an amazing location.

8 Best: Uranus

A beautiful skybox is the first thing players will notice when entering this planet later in the game. Unique enemy variants roam the underground fortress players will scavenge loot from.

The unique mechanic here allows players to use their archwing underwater, but it feels rather clunky to use and unintuitive. Luckily, few missions require players to use their archwing underwater. The boss here, Tyl Regor, is one of the most memorable in the game with his distinct voice and armor. Players can farm him to acquire the Equinox Warframe—one of the most versatile Warframes in the game.

7 Worst: Mars

Plenty of missions dot the surface of Mars for those who are interested, but the rather dull tileset will make many too bored to finish it. Most of the nodes are Grinner with a few having the Corpus, but it is still a slog to get through.

Not only are most missions the same faction, but the tileset itself is lacking in anything interesting. Venus had Corpus ships with cameras and lasers, while Mercury and Earth had many vertical ship tilesets. The boss is a slog to fight and offers lacking rewards. Also, the junction requirements to get to Phobos do not explain what Cephalon Fragments are, making this requirement confusing for newer players. The reward for completing the junction is a mod to make that very same task easier to do, feeling completely disrespectful of the player’s time.

6 Best: Ceres

Permanent thunderstorms and smog cover this planet’s atmosphere. Besides the jaw-dropping rendering of a planet dying from pollution, Ceres introduces a unique game mode and special enemies rarely seen past this planet.

Hijack is a special game mode where players escort a Fomorian—a Grineer class capital ship—to extraction. This mission requires players to drain their shield reserves to move it forward, adding an interesting change to defense based modes. Prosecutor enemies are a nice challenge as well, blocking bullets and being resistant to certain elements. Overall, this tileset brings much immersion to the early game.

5 Worst: Pluto’s Surface

The ship tileset here is fun to play through, but the surface of Pluto is much larger than it has any right to be. Players will spend almost the entire level spamming bullet jump to get across the massive rooms, making this area unenjoyable without mobility mods or fast Warframes.

Rubedo and Morphics are the main resources players will find here, which is a shame since previous planets provide these resources more conveniently or easier. Plastids are nice, but Saturn’s Dark Sectors are best to farm large quantities of the resource. At least Trinity, one of the strongest support Warframes, can be acquired here. Players will have to grind resources to farm a hard boss to maybe get the piece they need, however.

4 Best: Lua

Veterans of Warframe will most likely associate this planet with “The Second Dream” quest, one of the best missions the game has to offer.

Besides being the setting for that fantastic quest, players might also notice special rooms that require special attention. Some rooms are speed trials, while others test how stealthy players are. Of course, these rooms provide very powerful exilus mods when completed. Most exilus mods do not increase Warframe attributes such as range of strength, but some of these exilus mods do, making them a must-have for any Warframe player.

3 Worst: Eris

Eris is the only Infested dedicated planet in the game, housing some of the nastiest enemies they have to offer. It also houses some of the worst drop rates for Mutagen Samples, a resource necessary to research infested items in Clans.

Just like Pluto, this planet has a special boss that requires a unique resource to fight. Unlike Pluto, this resource is awarded from invasions and, rarely, from derelict missions. One of the best Warframes is awarded from this tedious grind, but it is nevertheless unpleasant to go through. And if anyone is trying to farm Mutagen Samples here, go to the Orokin Derelict instead. The drop rate is much better there.

2 Best: Void

Made mostly irrelevant when relics were introduced, the Void is the quintessential area for geared players to test out builds. It contains a unique faction that resides in one of the most beautiful tilesets in Warframe.

The Corrupted faction is a compilation of the toughest enemies from every faction working together. These enemies then get higher health, armor, and damage compared to their base variants. To top it off, some of the missions here have enemies deal 3 times the damage they would otherwise do. These should all be negatives, but in a game that is mostly really easy, having a hard tileset for min-maxed players is fantastic. Argon Crystals also come from here, mostly needed for the strongest items in the game

1 Worst: Europa

Europa contains the worst tileset in Warframe history. The resources are lacking and not useful, the enemies here are not fun to fight, the boss is frustrating, and the planet is constantly trying to slow you.

There are no redeeming qualities, sadly. Some will point to Nova, the Warframe rewarded from the frustrating Raptor boss. While yes she is an amazing Warframe, her Prime variant is easier and cheaper to obtain. The rare resource on this planet is Morphics and Control Modules. Control Modules are so common they should not be tagged as rare, while plenty of better planets give Morphics. Worst of all is the tileset, slowing players down and getting them stuck on objects. This is the worst planet in the entire game. Easily.

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