Sunday, 3 Mar 2024 go 0-2, eliminated in debut with roster at EPICENTER

It wasn’t the debut they were hoping for as fall 2-1 to forZe in the elimination match at EPICENTER 2019 in Moscow.

forZe looked solid even with their previous loss to Evil Geniuses and certainly shouldn’t have been overlooked given the squad’s victory at the recent ESEA MDL Season 32 Global Challenge.

The lineup currently sits in 15th place in the rankings after a relatively break out year. The squad’s miracle run at the StarLadder Major in Berlin helped to cement their place near the top for at least the time being. Being able to follow the impressive event with a win at Moscow’s BLAST Pro Series event certainly helped.

This, however, will be tainting the roster under the new organization as they exit the tournament so early and against a team considered to be of lower status.

forZe will get a rematch with Evil Geniuses in the decider match for a chance to make the playoffs. EG will be fielding their full five this time as Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte’s visa issues have been solved and he’ll be returning to action in the match up.

A 16-3 first map on Train may have skewed the numbers a bit, however, not a single player on went positive across the three map series while not a single player went negative for forZe. forZe wants to play in front of the home crowd and it shows.

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