Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Victory 5 adds three new players to their 2020 LPL roster

Earlier today, it was announced that the Macau-based organization Victory 5 (V5) has added three new players to their LPL roster for the 2020 season. V5 has one of the most interesting ownership situations in the Chinese League of Legends scene. The team is owned by Mario Ho, the son of Stanley Ho. Stanley Ho is a 98-year-old Macau multi-billionaire often nicknamed the Godfather of the Macau casino scene.

Victory 5 signs Clx

Chen “Clx” Yi started out his pro career with Joy Dream (JD), the development league team of the Jingdong Gaming (JDG) organization. While Clx got signed by JD back in June of 2017, he did not get much stage time until 2018. Since then, Clx has served as the starting mid lane player of the JD roster, and he’s steadily improved over the last two years of his career. During his time with the V5 roster, Clx will be learning alongside the mid lane players Li “Mole” Hao-Yan and possibly Hou “Otto” Guo-Yu, if his contract with the team is extended.

A long-awaited starting position for Xiaohan

Pan “Xiaohan” Han has been competing on and off on in the professional circuit since Jan. 2017. However, until now, he has not been given the opportunity of a starter position in the jungler role on the big stage. While he was the starting jungler on the academy team of JDG, he never had the opportunity to lead during his time as a substitute on the main JDG roster. Fans are excited to see what Xiaohan can do to prove himself and what he will grow into in the next years of his pro career.

997 joins the V5 roster

Li “997” Hao-Feng’s situation is an interesting one. Currently, he is among the worst prospective players coming from the development league this year. His overall performance on stage was not close to impressive. However, rumors are circulating that 997 will use his time on the V5 roster’s bench to transition into a coaching role in the future.

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