Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

VALORANT: Raze Character Breakdown

The closed beta for VALORANT, Riot Games’ newest competitive FPS, is here and eager players are hungry to get access. For those unfamiliar, VALORANT is an upcoming FPS tactical game featuring a variety of playable characters, called agents, that all bring a unique skillset to the team. While many of the agents available were shown off during the alpha, a new hero was revealed at the beginning of the closed beta, Raze.

Raze comes loaded with a plethora of aggressive, powerful abilities that allows players to take the fight right to their opponents. Like all the other agents in VALORANT, Raze comes with a set of four abilities; two basic abilities that can be purchased at the beginning of each round, a signature ability available each round and an ultimate which players must charge throughout the match by either getting kills, collecting Ultimate Orbs or defusing the spike. Let’s take a closer look at Raze’s arsenal of powerful abilities.

Raze’s first basic ability is Blast Pack, essentially a C4 that players can throw on surfaces and then detonate when players use the ability again. The Blast Pack delivers powerful damage to opponents near it and can also increase Raze’s mobility by launching her into the air from various angles.

Her second basic ability is Paint Shells, a cluster grenade that is perfect for clearing corners and inflicting damage to opponents. The grenade dissolves into an area of tinier grenades and explodes.

Raze’s signature ability is Boom Bot, a small robot that moves in a straight line when deployed. The Boom Bot can be directed off of walls and when it sees an opponent, it will chase them down and explode for a large amount of damage. Players who get good with finding the perfect wall angles to release Boom Bot can use it to great effect.

Finally, Raze’s ultimate ability is Showstopper, a rocket launcher that deals a massive amount of damage with a large area of effect. Raze can leap while utilizing Showstopper, making the ultimate a dangerous, yet effective tool for destroying opponents.

Raze is an aggressive hero, set on dealing as much damage as possible with a variety of powerful abilities ready to be unleashed.

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