Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

VALORANT: Omen Character Breakdown

VALORANT, the first-person tactical shooter from Riot Games, goes into closed beta on April 7th, opening the game to the few who have been granted access. The game is character-based, featuring at least nine playable agents. Spreading paranoia throughout the VALORANT battlefield is Omen, a mysterious hunter who lurks in the shadows.

Each of VALORANT’s agents have four abilities. Two are basic abilities, available to buy at the beginning of each round. Each agent also has one signature ability, which is available for use at the start of every round, and one ultimate ability, which must be earned by reaching a set number of charges.

Omen’s first basic ability is Shrouded Step, which allows the player to teleport around the map at short distances. Once equipped, a teleportation range indicator will appear, letting the player choose where they want to move. This ability allows the player to cross open areas without risking health, and allows them to reach higher areas of the map that other agents can’t jump to. Shrouded Step is available for purchase at the beginning of each round, costing 100 credits.

The other basic ability is Paranoia, which allows the player to send out an ethereal shadow, temporarily reducing the vision of any player within its path. The shadow moves forward in a straight line, passing through walls to reach other areas of the map. Players can buy this ability at the beginning of a round for 200 credits.

Dark Cover, Omen’s signature ability, allows the player to fire a shadow orb at selected areas of the map. Once equipped, the player can decide where to place the ball of smoke by moving the marker around their mini map. Dark Cover can only be shot in a straight line, though it moves through walls to get to the desired location. The ability also has an impressive range, allowing the shadow orb to be shot from long distances across the map.

From The Shadows is Omen’s ultimate ability, requiring seven charges before use. Charges are earned by getting kills, completing certain objectives like defusing the spike, or by gathering the Ultimate Orbs that are placed throughout the map. Once From The Shadows has been equipped, players are given an overview of the entire map. Omen can then teleport to any location selected, though not without visual and sound cues that can give enemies time to cancel the teleportation. If the teleportation is successful, Omen becomes invincible for a short period of time.

Omen’s abilities make for a sneaky assassin that could be anywhere at any time. VALORANT’s closed beta period begins on April 7th, with a full launch expected this summer.

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