Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late [cl-r] Juggles Up A PC Release This Month

Action-adventure game Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [st] will receive a PC update on March 27, upgrading the game to its most recent iteration, Under Night In-Birth: Exe-Late [cl-r]. The news was made official by game publisher Arc System Works via an announcement on Steam.

Under Night In-Birth: Exe-Late [cl-r] was made available for Under Night console games on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch back in February, though this is the first time the [cl-r] upgrade will be available for PC devices.

In addition to the game’s name change, the free update includes many changes, including a new game menu, mechanics, UI, and roster. Players can focus on developing their fighting skills – including new fighting combos and special attacks – in the online, arcade, story, and training mode. The free update also comes with 1000 character balance adjustments.

Beyond the free content, the game developer FRENCH-BREAD has also promised that the update will allow players the chance to purchase new content that came with consoles releases, such as new fighter Londrekia, The White Knight. Players can get a new original story, stage, and music specific to his character. There’s also more new content available for purchase, such as new character color packs so players can make sure their avatars look their best while battling onscreen.

For those who already own Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [st] for their PC, the update will automatically download and become [cl-r] on March 27.

Under Night In-Birth is a visual novel and 2D fighting game developed and published by FRENCH-BREAD and Arc System Works, respectively. The game takes place in a variation of 21st-century Japan, where a phenomenon called the “Hollow Night” takes place once a month. During this phenomenon, shadow-like creatures called “Voids” infiltrate the area. The story follows protagonist Hyde Kido, a boy who survived an attack by a void and transformed into an “In-Birth”, a person in a state of limbo where they are neither living or dead.

The Under Night In-Birth: Exe-Late [cl-r] free update will be available for PC on March 27. Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late [cl-r] is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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