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Tyler1 Claims To Be The Real Draven In Cosplay At LCS

During a Twitch broadcast of the 2020 League Championship Series, commentators for the event cut to Tyler1 decked out in full Draven cosplay. The energetic League of Legends streamer claimed to be the real Draven, challenging a digitized rendering of the character that was standing right beside him.

When the cameras switched over to the Twitch personality, he confidently stated, “you know who to vote for” as he twirled his axes around. Hilariously, the chat overwhelmingly favored Tyler1 over the actual League champion.

This isn’t the first time Tyler1 has cosplayed as his favorite champion either, making a glorious return to the game after some time away due to a ban issued by Riot Games. When he came back, he made a pretty big statement in the likeness of the Glorious Executioner, Draven.

In the past, Tyler1 has claimed that he and Draven are essentially one in the same – committing to a level of character immersion that only Esfand and his Retribution Paladin could challenge. The streamer isn’t afraid to go deep into the minds of the characters he plays, also cosplaying as Kratos from the God of War series.

Needless to say, Tyler1’s commitment to entertainment and energy has never been lacking. The fact that tournament organizers have taken the streamer’s antics in stride makes it all the more amusing.

As for the tournament itself, ten teams have been competing in a round-robin style bracket, organized by week. This broadcast covered week 7 of the tournament, with only 2 more weeks remaining before the top 6 playoff teams are decided.

Despite Counter-Logic Gaming’s current standing in 10th/last place, they came up big against Team Liquid this week. CLG’s “Pobelter” walked away with the play of the day by clutching an impressive triple kill while playing as Syndra.

Tyler1 doesn’t just do a mean cosplay of Draven, he also claims to be the “#1 Draven world.” He’s shown that he isn’t all talk either, having achieved some decent results in past Twitch Rivals tournaments. However, most fans consider him to be a Dr Disrespect equivalent to the League world. Either way, the streamer knows how to cosplay.

Sources: Twitch, YouTube

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