Friday, 1 Jul 2022

Twitter Finds The First Documented Use Of "It’s Morbin Time"

Morbius memes just won't die. Out of absolutely nowhere, they recently got a second wind – even after the film left theatres. Because of this, some Sony executives thought it would be a great idea to put it back in cinemas, capitalizing on the shitposts. It didn't work, however. Not one bit.

Morbius fans are known to repeat a few mantras. "Morbius sweep", "morbing out", and of course, "it's morbin time". That last one has become so popular that Jared Leto even referenced it. And now, Twitter has found the lucky (or unlucky) soul who first uttered the phrase.

Through extensive research, Morbheads have discovered that Twitter user @rhidaneelolivaw was the first to use the phrase "it's morbin time". The first of its kind tweet was shared back in November of last year, well before the ill-fated comic book movie hit theatres. There's no way this proto-Morber could have known what would happen – none of us could predict the summer of Morbius.

Luckily for @rhidaneelolivaw, they'll be able to use this as their claim to fame for a while – Morbius memes aren't going anywhere. As we reported yesterday, the film was still trending, even after its fans let it flop in theatres for a second time. I don't think we've ever seen a movie be this talked about yet completely unsuccessful at the same time. It will surely be used as a case study in how not all publicity is good publicity for years to come, a lesson that Sony execs have now learned the hard way.

One of the best things about the early days of Morbius was how its advertising team kept accidentally stumbling into shitposters. The first example of this was when they set up a Discord server, only for it to be taken over by people who wanted to Morb out. No actual fans in sight. I'd tell you how they're taking the news of Morbius' box office takings, but I got kicked and I have no idea why. Tragic.

Morbius left theatres yesterday, having relaunched for the weekend in 5,000 locations.

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