Friday, 20 May 2022

Torchlight 3 Has A New Trailer (And It’s Beautiful)

For the official release of Torchlight 3, the developers gave us a six-minute trailer to feast our eyes on and learn about the game—if you weren’t playing the early access version, that is. We have to say, Torchlight 3’s new trailer is beautiful.

The story of Torchlight 3 takes place centuries after the events of Torchlight 2. The threat of invasion has returned to Novastraia, and it will be up to you to fight off the Netherim and its allies. During your quest, you’ll travel the frontier, party with friends, explore dungeons, or just show off your spoils in town.

In the new trailer, you’ll learn about the game’s lore, the heroes you can play as, and everything else that comes with the game. The attack styles of the heroes are on display first, as well as their unique playstyle and what kind of situations they are good in. Next, you’ll be warned of a decision that must be made—in the form of relics—which will affect your character for the rest of the game.

This trailer will walk you through all of the major aspects of the game and what you can do in it. It appears to be designed to initiate new players into the wide and wonderful world of Torchlight 3, to acclimate you to the epic journey that you will embark on when you play the game.

In a world that has been deprived of game manuals for quite some time and is quickly losing traditional tutorials, this approach to teaching new players how the game works is brilliant. The trailer is quick; to the point; fun to look at and listen to, and walks you through Torchlight 3 all the while. Spend just a few minutes watching the trailer and you’ll be chomping at the bit to get your hands on some Netherim; to decorate your stronghold, and to take on Fazeer’s final test— the Dun-Djinn.

Torchlight 3 is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC today.

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