Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Three LPL storylines to watch at the Demacia Cup

Free agent signings, academy graduates, and coaches throughout arguably the world’s deepest region will get their first chance to see how their squads mesh in the Demacia Cup, a relatively low-stakes preseason tournament for the LPL.

Whether FunPlus Phoenix’s humbling of G2 Esports at the 2019 World Championships did in fact signal the start of a new region’s reign atop the League of Legends competitive scene remains to be seen. But after a frantic free-agency period that included a head-spinning amount of roster swaps, the Demacia Cup will take up more of the spotlight than in previous years as the 2020 season approaches.

If the LPL was a deck of cards comprised of individual players, then the last month of free agency could be described as 52-card pickup.

FPX did not mess with their winning formula, and they will be trotting out their academy roster for this tournament.LNG Esports poached a new mid laner and jungler, Top Esports look even more deadly after their heartbreaking exit from the regional qualifiers, Uzi has a world-class ADC to compete for playing time with at RNG, and 2018 world champion JackeyLove still doesn’t have a team after leaving Invictus Gaming, despite still being in the conversation of best AD Carry in the region and world.

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