Friday, 22 Sep 2023

This Week's Free PC Game Is A Light-Hearted Sandbox Prison Escape Sim

Thursday has arrived, and that means it’s time for another Epic Games Store freebie. Fresh off of handing out the hand-drawn adventure game Jotun: Valhalla Edition, Epic is giving away The Escapists, a sandbox prison game centered around–you guessed it–escaping from prison. The Escapists is normally $18, but if you have a free Epic account, you can snag it for free until December 19 at 10:59 AM ET.

The Escapists originally launched in 2015 to widespread acclaim. The pixelated sandbox game has 10 different prisons. In each run, your goal is the same: Escape. But escaping isn’t a straightforward process. Avoiding the attention of guards is a must, so you have to blend into the day-to-day life of prison by following the rules, including working one of 10 prison jobs. As a sandbox game, you’ll craft materials that can help you escape, including shovels and various weapons that must be hidden from guards.

Though The Escapists is set in a rather unpleasant place, it’s pretty light-hearted. Both guards and inmates have humorous personalities and the general tone makes even failed escape attempts a good time.

If you enjoy what you play, an equally well-received sequel, The Escapists 2, launched in 2017. Make sure to claim The Escapists by December 19. Epic hasn’t revealed next week’s free game just yet.

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