Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

This Week In Pokemon GO (3/29-4/4)

The beginning of a new month always brings changes to Pokémon GO, and that holds true despite April 2020’s unique circumstances. There’s new Pokémon to catch, a new event, and even some shifts in GO‘s core gameplay. Let’s start with the biggest change.

Niantic Makes It Easier To Play At Home

Many countries are ordering self-isolation, which doesn’t exactly mesh with the whole “go out and play” philosophy of Pokémon GO. In response to this, Niantic is changing core features that typically require groups to gather. In the coming weeks, raid groups will be able to gather virtually, PokéStops will be accessible from double the usual distance, and Adventure Sync will reward more stationary workouts.

Tricky Pokémon Event

A surprise event dropped on April 1 that celebrates “tricky” Pokémon. Until April 7, spawns are increasing for Pokémon that disguise themselves like Voltorb and Sudowoodo. Stunfisk makes its GO debut as a Research Task, and Croagunk/Sudowoodo get their shiny forms. Take a snapshot to potentially get a shiny Croagunk photobomb. See more here.

Landorus Shakes Up Raids

We might not be able to go outside, but the raids are still changing on schedule. Landorus is the new Legendary 5-star raid. It’s joined by several Pokémon from the Tricky event at lower tiers, plus the usuals like Klink and Timburr.

Business As Usual Elsewhere

Most other activities are happening as expected. Shadow Entei is still the endgame of Team Rocket Research. The weekly Research reward is now Alolan Exeggcutor with bonus candy. And GO Battle League is still Ultra League, with Landorus added to the rewards.

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