Monday, 26 Feb 2024

This Week In Destiny (3/29-4/4)

This week in Destiny is all about the bug fixings.

Destiny 2 is in a bit of a lull. With Iron Banner leaving on Tuesday, Guardians will have to wait until later in the season in order to obtain the Point of the Stag bow, the only ritual weapon available in Season of the Worthy. Other than that, there’s a whole bunch of bug fixes set to arrive on Tuesday with Hotfix

Some of the larger bugs have to do with the season pass. Sometimes upgrades on the season pass wouldn’t unlock for every character on an account, and the season pass ornaments for the Seraph shotgun and SMG would cause those ornaments to stop spawning Warmind Cells, the key element in utilizing Season of the Worthy mods. Those problems will be fixed, as well as an issue with the Titan season pass ornaments blocking their view when aiming down the sights.

Other than that, Legendary Lost Sectors are getting fixed so they always award a Powerful drop, while Warmind Bunkers are getting fixed to actually award players with the correct amount of planetary materials. A few other minor bugs and exploits will also be corrected.

PC disconnect and matchmaking issues are still under investigation, but Bungie has not promised any sort of fix for this week. PC players are becoming increasingly frustrated with beaver error codes and being unable to connect with friends in order to raid, and one wonders how long it should take to fix an extremely important issue.

Twitch Prime rewards are still available, so Guardians should pick those up if they haven’t already, and keep farming those Warmind bits in order to upgrade the last Warmind Bunker on Io next week.

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