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These 3 Free Games Are Available Now On Epic, Including World War Z

Epic has been giving away free PC games on a weekly basis since December 2018, but the distraction feels needed more than ever these days. The latest batch of free games are available now, and while only two were advertised last week, Epic has added a surprise third freebie to the mix. In addition to Figment and Tormenter x Punisher, you can also claim World War Z for free. All three games are free now until April 2 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET, when they’ll be replaced by next week’s freebies. To claim any Epic free games, you just need a free account, and afterward, they’ll be yours to keep.

World War Z is a co-op third-person shooter where you’ll face off against hordes of zombies in cities like New York, Moscow, Tokyo, and more. For your character, you can choose from six different classes with different abilities, like the Gunslinger, Hellraiser, or Slasher. Up to 1,000 zombies can appear on the screen at the same time, swarming and even crawling over each other to reach you if you’re on a higher level. The game also features various multiplayer modes, like King of the Hill, Swarm Deathmatch, and Player vs. Player vs. Zombie.

Critic Alessandro Barbosa was a bit lukewarm about the game in GameSpot’s World War Z review, although it’s certainly worth grabbing while free. “World War Z has many rough edges that are easy to spot, exacerbated by limited content that makes repeated playthroughs less interesting with each run,” he wrote. “But it’s also a cooperative shooter that has the space for those dynamic and ridiculous player stories to emerge in. The rush of taking down a swarm with friends is core to what makes World War Z’s action work so well, and it rewards you well for the time spent on the classes and weapons you like. It could benefit from having more to go around, but if there’s a future for World War Z and its chaotic cooperative action, this is a good foundation to build it on.”

The next free game is Figment, a gorgeous action-adventure game with hand-drawn environments and a fantastic soundtrack. It takes you on a trip through the human mind, which is illustrated with trippy, colorful visuals reminiscent of M.C. Escher and Dalí. You’ll take control of a mopey drunk named Dusty, who must navigate this strange world fighting nightmarish enemies who aim to spread fear and overcome mental obstacles, growing into a heroic guardian by the end. The game earned a 7/10 in GameSpot’s Figment review.

“Figment is at once lighthearted and deep. It reminds us that dark things may lurk underneath otherwise pleasant surfaces, that grumpy egos may populate the shuttered houses of an otherwise beautiful mind,” wrote critic Leif Johnson. “Sometimes Figment seems a little too silly for its ambitions, but that frivolity never manages to fully drown out its overarching message–that if we persevere and have a little faith in our abilities, things will likely turn out well in the long run. Or, at least, we’ll learn how to live with the pain.”

You’ll also be able to snag Tormenter x Punisher, which is great if you like to let out stress by playing a chaotic, fast-paced video game. Tormenter x Punisher is a top-down action game where all enemies can be killed in one hit–including bosses and yourself. You’ll have to survive the onslaught of enemies, which adapt to your play style, and get new upgrades by killing demons in creative ways. We haven’t reviewed this one, but it currently has a Very Positive 9/10 rating on Steam, so it’s worth grabbing while it’s free next week.

Epic’s current freebies are just a few of the free games you can claim right now–many publishers and developers are offering their games at no cost for a limited time as a stress reliever for people stuck inside. Plus, check out our full guide to all the best movies, TV, and games to enjoy while social distancing.

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