Friday, 20 May 2022

The Last Of Us HBO Clip Could Hint To Left Behind Flashback Scene

A new clip from a crew member on HBO's The Last of Us shows a derelict mall which could be one of two things – Left Behind's flashback sequence or the Winter chapter in Colorado.

If you don't know, Left Behind shows us what Ellie was up to before she met Joel. She joined the Fireflies and they took her to an abandoned mall where they found an arcade and a photo booth before having a water gun fight – it's a bit happier than the grunge of the apocalypse that we're used to. Or it was. It quickly escalates.

Riley decides to leave but Ellie, sobbing with tears, begs her to stay. She caves. They kiss but the sweet moment is cut short as a horde of undead come stumbling through the dimly lit mall, drawn in by the sound of the music from the electronics store they just shared a dance in. The two run and attempt to fend off the infected but get bit. They contemplate a suicide pact but instead decide to enjoy their final moments together. Only Ellie doesn't turn. It should sound familiar. It's how Ellie found out she was immune – Left Behind is just the prequel that lets us see as well.

But it could just as easily be the mall sequence from the Winter chapter. Similarly, Ellie and Joel are ambushed but neither get bit this time. That's not to say they don't get out unscathed, though. Joel needs medical attention and so Ellie searches through another abandoned mall to find supplies, stumbling on the wreckage of a helicopter. Given that all we see is a tiny glimpse of a mall behind a crew member, it's hard to tell which segment this will be from if the show adapts Left Behind at all.

There is another key detail worth noting, however. The crew member's jacket has "The Last of Us season one" written on it, indicating that HBO has already made its mind up – it looks like more seasons are on the cards. Let's just hope this first one goes alright, eh?

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