Monday, 26 Feb 2024

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Adds PvP Combat, Removes Chest Timers

The Elder Scrolls: Blades has introduced big changes in its latest patch, including a brand new PvP mode and a huge loot overhaul.

Blades released earlier this year, and although it wasn’t exactly a big splash among critics, it was still a huge commercial success for Bethesda, making $1.5 million in its first month on mobile stores. That’s a lot of cash and is the main reason why all these big-name developers are looking to get into mobile gaming.

Although the game wasn’t well-received on release, Bethesda has been making incremental improvements based on player feedback. The latest patch takes that feedback to make some big changes in the way Blades handles loot, but also adds a brand new PvP game mode and allows players to form guilds.

First, let’s talk about loot. The entire loot system has been overhauled, and by that we mean there’s a lot more loot in general. Enemies now drop way more stuff and there are more destructible objects in the world that you can crack open for even more loot. Every job will also end in a Boss fight that will have a chance to drop Legendary equipment.

On top of that, chest timers are now gone. No longer will you need to wait to open that chest, and instead, chests open right away to reveal their contents. Bethesda was also kind enough to refund players their gems spent on upgrading their chest capacity, so expect to get a big windfall if you spent gems there.

The Arena has arrived, which brings PvP combat to Elder Scrolls: Blades. Here you’ll take on other players in best two-out-of-three matches. It’s automatically unlocked after reaching level 5, but best make sure you come with your best gear equipped.

And finally, Guilds are a thing you can join or make in Blades. This will allow you to visit other players’ towns to buy stuff from their merchants or to just chat with fellow guildmates. Guilds have a maximum capacity of 20 Blades, so choose your friends wisely.

There’s more changes and fixes listed in the full patch notes, which you can read about in the link below.

Source: Bethesda

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