Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

The Diamond Casino Heist Launches in GTA Online

The Diamond Casino Heist is now available in GTA Online as part of the latest update, which also includes new cars, music, and a killer to hunt down.

The Diamond Casino Heist is said to be the most complex criminal operation in the game yet. You’ll be you trying to get back control of the Diamond Casino & Resort after it was taken by the Duggan family. How better to do that than breaking into the casino’s vault and stealing everything in it?

You’ll be teaming up with Georgina Cheng, the VP of Cheng Holdings, to pull off this heist. She’s looking to get revenge after the Duggans took the resort from her brother Tao and the Triads.

Criminal mastermind Lester Crest will also be helping out by directing you to grab the location, crew, and gear you’ll need. You can find Lester in Mirror Park, and when you do, just tap into Maze Bank Foreclosures to acquire the new Arcade property.

You’ll have to get the Arcade up and running with up to 12 playable retro games, all of which are listed on Rockstar’s announcement post. You’ll be planning the heist in the Arcade’s basement, gathering intel, doing preparatory missions, and recruiting a driver, gunman, and hacker.

There are five new vehicles added with this update that will aid your heist. They are the Karin Everon, Lampadati Komoda, Maxwell Asbo, Maxwell Vagrant, and Vapid Retinue MKII.

In addition to that, Übermacht’s latest SUV, the Rebla GTS, is now available. Plus, Warstock Cache & Carry’s has six new vehicles, including a Fire Truck, Bugstars van, and Gruppe Sechs Stockade.

When it comes to pulling off the heist, you get a choice of three approaches: silent and sneaky, the big con, or aggressive. Not matter which you go with, each approach will have you making choices throughout the mission. If your approach fails at any point then you can still push to the end with your remaining lives.

The iFruit Radio station hosted by rapper Danny Brown is available as of today with 27 tracks from the likes of Skepta and Giggs.

If you’re a Twitch Prime member who linked your account by December 8, you’ll be able to buy Pixel Pete’s Arcade Property in Paleto Bay for free. If you bought it at full price but are a Twitch Prime member you’ll get a rebate within 72 hours.

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