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The Death Stranding Guide

Surviving the journey is a large part of what Death Stranding is all about, daring players to maintain their balance and endure BT attacks to deliver precious cargo. Here are some great tips to help you get the job done.

Deliveries & Traveling the Open Road

  • Even formidable-looking mountains can be traversed by zig-zagging your way up (even with a bike) and placing a ladder here and there (which can be used to scale up steep snowscapes, for instance).
  • Oftentimes there are at least a few cargo pieces laying nearby a node that need to be delivered back to that node. This is an easy way to get some likes from the node with relatively minimal effort or traveling a long distance.
  • Before traveling from a node to make a delivery, check the weather report and if any online players have erected signs regarding potential BT activity. If it looks relatively clear, you may be able to skip bringing anti-BT grenades, for example, and thereby taking on less weight from the outset. This allows you more freedom of movement and the ability to take on stray cargo.
  • Before traversing a river, ping your Odradek. It will tell you the depth of the river (blue, yellow, red) and if there are any surprising drops (red) where you might take a plunge. Also, walk upstream against the current holding the triggers to help prevent from being swept downstream.
  • Building up specific preppers to get specific types of items. Preppers like the Engineer can provide valuable items like skeletons that give you stability, speed, and strength. Like what you’ve been getting from a certain prepper? Be sure to get their star rating maxed out to get their best goods and gifts.
  • Some delivery orders require you to deliver multiple quantities of the same material. Check the “Order Details” tab, because oftentimes you can deliver only part of the load and still get a decent reward. This allows you to still complete the mission without having to carry all 12 boxes of an order, for example.
  • Be sure to build battery recharging stations and roads as you go (take PCC units at the start of your journey). Some routes are well-traveled and you’ll need the infrastructure during later deliveries.


  • When you have all your equipment for the journey, be sure to press triangle to auto-sort the cargo into the best configuration, so your weight is the most evenly distributed. The exception to this is when you need to make sure a specific order item lays flat or is in your hand, for example. Also, be aware that items attached to your suit will not fall off if you take a tumble.
  • Stock private lockers with basic equipment like ladders and anchors as you go. You can fast travel between nodes on the chiral network, but you can’t carry any cargo between them. Thus, if you fast travel to a location you’ve been to before you can make sure you have gear like ladders and blood ready for you in a private locker when you get there.
  • Make sure to attach blood bags to your utility pouch in the Cargo Management menu and then go into the d-pad radial menu and equip them to keep a constant flow when you need them most in battle.
  • In general, one ladder and one rope are necessary for most deliveries, and they give you enough extra space and weight to pick up cargo along the way.
  • Always check a shared locker for an item before fabricating said item. This will save the node from using resources.
  • Backpack mods like pouches for extra equipment are accessed in the private rooms, not in the normal node menu where you receive missions and fabricate equipment.


  • The Odradek points and spins in the general direction of BT activity.
  • During BT battles I like to use grenades over guns because grenades’ blast radius clears out BTs coming out of the ground. I aim it at my feet or where I’m going so the blast radius affects as big of an area as possible. Different grenades have different effects, such as the Hematic ones which have more lingering smoke volume.
  • During major fights, I like to drop most of my equipment not immediately essential to combat (like ladders, PCCs, etc.) so I have room for the blood and guns I’m going to need during the fight itself. The other equipment can be picked up at the end of the battle.
  • Also be sure to shed used equipment like guns out of ammo or empty blood bags. This prevents you from being overburdened during a fight.
  • If your fight with BTs escalates and you are dragged down the mud river into a larger BT encounter, you don’t have to defeat it outright. Keep moving and climbing among the buildings and rocks and you can survive long enough for it to dissipate.
  • During BT fights I like to get out of a vehicle I’m traveling in because BTs will stop your vehicle and drag you out anyway (at which time you’ll drop your equipment). This way I’m more prepared for the attack.
  • Many MULE camps can be run through if you have enough stamina to keep on chugging.

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