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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Cliffside Scene Walkthrough

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  • Beginning The Scene
  • Exploring The Curing Facility
  • Hiding From Du’Met And Charlie’s Third Potential Death
  • Finishing The Scene And Charlie’s Fourth Potential Death

You’re quickly approaching the end of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, but there are a few things you have to do in order to locate the rest of the group before you can attempt to escape the island. The crew is currently pretty splintered, but this scene sees Charlie and Mark reunite at long last.

There are clues to find as you look for the rest of the group, but Du’Met is looking for you while you’re looking for them. Let us help you get your crewmates out safely in our guide for this scene from The Devil in Me.

If you’ve played the other games from The Dark Pictures Anthology, then we don’t have to tell you that the decisions you make in The Devil in Me are definitely going to matter.

With so many small things that can change the outcome of your game, we’ve gone through the story several times, finding all the solutions and secrets for you along the way.

Beginning The Scene

If Charlie is still alive in your playthrough, he will be your player character for this scene. However, if Charlie was killed in either the Incinerator trap or was crushed in the Waste Disposal machine, you’ll control Mark here instead.

Though both will end up in the same location by the end, the scene begins differently depending on which character you’re controlling. Additionally, Charlie can die in this scene, while Mark’s life will not be on the line no matter which man you’re controlling.

Playing Cliffside As Charlie

When you begin the scene, you hear Mark scream, and take off to find him. Go down the stairs to Charlie’s left and examine the locked gate to your left when you get to the bottom. Right before you went down the stairs, there’s a small desire path worn into the grass, so follow that to hop the fence and enter the area behind the locked gate from above it.

Once you’re down here, unlock the gate and push the box out into the courtyard where you just were. Move it across this space toward the opposite corner, where you’ll see a section of the barbed wire along the top of the fence is missing.

Line the box up with this section of fence, then crawl on top of the box, and use it to climb over the fence.

On the other side, follow the path down toward the left, which will see Charlie climbing down a steep embankment. Once you’re at the bottom, turn right and crawl under a fallen tree trunk. From there, go toward the right section of what looks like a dead end up ahead, where Charlie can jump a broken fence.

In this next area, go all the way to the left and climb up onto the section where this iron fence has fallen, then turn left immediately and climb up onto the top part of the gate. If you see a short cutscene of a dog barking at Charlie, you’re in the right spot.

When you resume control of Charlie on the other side of this gate, turn right and follow the path of decaying boards in the ground to an elevator, which is out of order.

Directly behind you, climb up the rock structure twice and immediately turn left to hop across a small gap. You can run along this path and climb to the top of the elevator shaft, which you can use to crawl down.

When you reach the bottom, there’s a cutscene of Charlie and Mark meeting up and sharing what they know about Du’Met and the others. The gameplay will now be the same from here no matter which character you’re controlling.

Playing Cliffside As Mark

Since Charlie is long gone, you don’t need to worry about finding anybody — instead, your goal is simply getting to the lighthouse. Whether you fell or hopped down from the changing rooms when leaving the pool doesn’t matter, as Mark begins this scene in the same place either way.

Run down the path directly in front of you when you assume control of Mark, toward the house with the light on. At the bottom of the path, you can either go through an open gate to your left or up the stairs to your right. Left has some world-building stuff to find, but the stairs to the right progress the game.

Climb the stairs and follow this path up through the rocks, shimmying, crouching, and jumping where necessary. When you’ve reached the top of this rock formation, you find that the bridge forward has been knocked out.

Hop down the rocks to your left and follow this path. It sees you crouch beneath a fallen tree, where there will be a crack in the rocks through which you can shimmy directly to your left. Get through here and climb to the top of these rocks, carefully balancing along the thin path at the top to cross to the other side.

Once across, turn right and hop across a series of rocks, shimmying through a crack in a larger one to reach the other side of the downed bridge. Use the planks from the bridge to climb up from here.

At the top, go straight ahead to the gate that tells you to keep out, where you’ll meet a barking dog. Mark has the option to throw a rock at the dog, which can end in one of two ways.

If you throw the rock The dog is scared off.
If you do not throw the rock Mark pets the dog and learns his name is Connie. Mark crawls around the fence, and Connie runs off unharmed.

No matter what happened with Connie, follow the path forward, crossing a plank to your left to get over to the elevator doors. Climb the rock structure behind you from the doors twice, then turn left to hop over a gap that takes you over to the elevator.

Interact with the elevator shaft to continue. The gameplay will now be the same from here no matter which character you’re controlling.

Exploring The Curing Facility

Collectibles Before Going In

Before going into the lighthouse, there are a few things to grab outside.

The first is Du’Met’s fourth business card, which is in the grass behind some trees in the yard. From the stairs, pass the first two trees right ahead of you, and check the ground behind them; you can see the porch steps from where the card is sitting.

Next, climb the ladder along the scaffolding outside the lighthouse and push the box down that’s sitting up here. You’ll need it to get into the lighthouse, but stay on the scaffolding for now if you’re collecting things in this playthrough.

Turn around from where the box was, and shimmy along the scaffolding over to an open window, then go through it.

On the wall will be the last picture premonition of the game, Spaced, which shows a preview of the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Additionally, just to the side of it, there’s a collectible secret inside the desk drawer, which Charlie can use his card to open if he’s who you’re controlling. The Childhood Medical Record is sitting inside.

Since he can’t unlock drawers, Mark isn’t able to find this secret, meaning you’ll need to play Cliffside as Charlie to collect it.

Continuing The Exploration

Once you’re satisfied, go back down to where you pushed the box a moment ago. Push the box to just beneath the window next to the door you were trying to use, before using it to climb up onto the roof and drop inside from there.

Inside, wander through this room and examine the things around here. They don’t count as collectibles, but there’s some great (and horrifying) world-building.

Hiding From Du’Met And Charlie’s Third Potential Death

No matter who you’re controlling, they’ll hear a noise approaching the room and elect to hide in the freezers. You’ll need to do a Keep Calm segment, but what happens from here depends on several factors.

Mark Pass Du'Met leaves without problem.
Fail Du'Met comes to check the freezers, but ignores the one you're in and leaves when he finds the other one empty. Mark survives, even if you fail.
Charlie Pass Du'Met leaves without problem.
Fail Du’Met checks the freezers and finds Charlie inside. Du’Met pulls Charlie from the freezer and kills him before hanging him up with the other bodies (fulfilling the Cured collectible picture premonition). Du'Met leaves without finding Mark, and you take control of Mark to finish the scene.

Finishing The Scene And Charlie’s Fourth Potential Death

When you’re finished looking around, head back into the room with the bodies hanging from the ceiling. There will be a large box that you can move, so push it up against the wall just before the destroyed staircase and climb up it to access the second floor.

Go along the balcony into the next room (to your left after you’ve finished your climb up), dodging the hanging bodies until coming to a door at the end of this hall. Hop over the piece of furniture just past the door and push down the large box on the other side.

Turn around from where you are, and you can find APB Broadcast in the tape recorder on the desk.

From the tape player, turn around and use the ladder to climb down. You come to a thin walkway down here that leads across a steep drop in the cliffs.

What happens depends not only on who you’re controlling, but on how well you’re able to balance their steps across the bridge.

The Wooden Plank Bridge

If you're controlling Mark It's an automatic cutscene, and Mark makes it across the bridge safely.
If you're controlling Charlie, and you… Keep your balance Charlie makes it across the bridge safely.
Lose your balance Charlie falls into the ravine and dies on impact with the rocks below.

Regardless of who you’re controlling, the scene ends after you’ve finished the bridge segment.

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