Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023

The Callisto Protocol Red Band Trailer Offers An Extra 25 Seconds Of Gameplay

The Game Awards went digital this year to accommodate the unrelenting pandemic. And while we can all agree that Sephiroth’s entry in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the show’s highlight, the premiere trailer for The Callisto Protocol was a close second.

Geoff Keighley is the proud father of the PG-rated awards show, meaning that developer Striking Distance had to hold back The Callisto Protocol’s Red Band Cinematic trailer to release separately – which adds an additional 25 seconds. The creator of the Dead Space series has presented an intriguing new narrative to the space-bound sub genre, and its gruesome, not-safe-for-the-squeamish trailer offers more insight into the game’s secrets.

The Red Brand trailer kicks off the same way as its little brother, by introducing us to a trapped prisoner as he gets a handle on his surroundings. It’s not until the multi-jawed monster creeps up behind him that we get an extra taste of one of the game’s threats – literally. Where the previous announcement trailer cuts to black, the Red Brand shows us the gory details. Once the monster strikes, we witness its face tentacles grab the prisoner’s head, force itself down his throat – facehugger style – and slide another tentacle into his eye. Lovely. The trailer’s closing shot also shows you the remains of the now slack-jawed, dead-eyed prisoner, until he jolts awake as a monster himself.

The Callisto Protocol is set in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe, but its events are set in the year 2320. Set in a prison colony called Black Iron – on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto – you will control one of the prisoners amidst an alien invasion. Suggested by the game’s trailer, it appears that the United Jupiter Company operating the prison has orchestrated the invasion, and is documenting the effects it has on its prisoners. Its premise sounds bleak, but it seems like the perfect setting to host this terrifying experiment – in space where no one can hear you scream.

TheGamer recently interviewed Striking Distance Studios chief development officer Steve Papoutsis on the developer’s new frontier. The creators have incorporated all of the good stuff from the Dead Space series into this spiritual successor, and we can’t wait to see how its narrative fits into the established PUBG universe.

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