Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

The 2019 Tekken 7 World Tour Finals are happening this week in Bangkok

This year, one of the most prestigious fighting esports tournaments in the world is coming to Thailand! Specifically, the Tekken 7 World Tour Finals are happening this week in Bangkok. On the 8th of December, talented players from around the world are meeting at the Kbank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre to determine this year’s World Champ.

Tekken 7 World Tour Finals


Since April this year, players have been testing their might across the world for a chance to show they are truly the best during various World Tour events. Now it’s finally time – the top 19 ranked players from the tour, plus one lucky winner from an event on December 7th will duke it out for the top spot, and a considerable prize pool.

Where previous events had around $5k prize bonuses, this event has a grand $200k prize pool bonus! That’s nothing to scoff at. The winner will go home with $30k, second place will win $20k, and third place $15k, and so on.

Last minute, last chance

While the 19 players are determined through ranking, the lone last spot will be filled by the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier that is taking place in the very same theatre the day before. The overall 20 players will then compete in the third-ever World Tour Finals.

That Last Chance Qualifier will see up to 256 players competing for the last spot – it will follow the same official rules as all other qualifiers and the finals themselves do. Interested parties will have to buy a ticket to play in the event, but anyone can try if they want to.

On the 7th, the event is starting at noon, and is set to run until 10pm – tune in close to the end if you’re just interested in the final few players! As for the true main event on Sunday – the competition is starting at 10am and will conclude at 10.30pm. All times in ICT – be sure not to miss out on what’s guaranteed to be a great competition.

Watch or Play

Fans can both attend the event in person and watch it online – Bandai Namco is hosting the competition together with streaming platform Twitch, so you can easily view it there. Alternatively, if you’re in or near Bangkok in the next few days, you can pick up tickets from the official website.

As for what you’ll be seeing – there are some epic matches gong down. The top qualified player is Tekken star Jae “Knee” Min Bae from South Korea, of course, but there is plenty of competition for him this year. In addition to other skilled South Koreans, players like Arslan Ash from Pakistan are competing – he has previously defeated Knee in other competitions.

In other words – it’s anything but a sure-fire win this year, with 20 talented players and the variety of characters they favour. Be sure to tune in for some of the best fighting action the Tekken community has ever seen!

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