Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

Streets Of Rage 4 release date is this month reveals Nintendo leak

Nintendo appears to have accidentally revealed the release date of the keenly awaited Streets Of Rage 4, and it’s just two weeks away.

Sometimes you’ve got to be careful what you wish for when it comes to retro sequels, with many feeling they’ve been burned by the likes of Shenmue 3.

But although there’s been some qualms about its art style, Streets Of Rage 4 looks like the real deal and we were very impressed with it the last time we saw it (back in the distant past when hands-on previews were still a thing).

The only problem is there’s never been a firm release date for it, and there still isn’t officially. But it’s listed on the Nintendo eShop as 23 April for £22.49.

The listing was first spotted in Australia but while it’s not officially listed on the main page in the UK the same date does appear in the search results, which seems very telling.

Streets Of Rage 4 isn’t an exclusive though and should be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on the same date. Assuming Nintendo haven’t just started making up release dates for some reason.

From what we saw, Streets Of Rage 4 sticks very close to the style of the original games, with more than a dozen playable characters from the series.

But Streets Of Rage is known just as much for its music as anything else, with previous entries featuring some of the best 16-bit soundtracks ever.

What’s especially exciting about this new sequel is that many of the original composers are involved and will be creating brand new tracks, as well as industry legend Yoko Shimomura, who worked on the Street Fighter 2 soundtrack.

We can’t wait, and if this leaked date is correct it looks like we won’t have to for long.

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