Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Street Fighter V joins the Gfinity Challenger Series

Gfinity has revealed the name of the next title to join CS:GO in its Challenger Series and Elite Draft. Drum roll, please. It’ll be the iconic FGC title Street Fighter V.

The Capcom title certainly has a buzz to it right now with IMG and Turner’s ELEAGUE announcing a $250,000 (£205,000) invitational tournament in addition to the expansion of the Capcom Pro Tour for 2017.

The format for Street Fighter V will be much the same as CS:GO. Players can join the Challenger Series, they’ll look to play, win and build their profile by climbing the rankings and amassing G-Points. They’ll need to do well with only the top thirty qualifying for the Elite Draft.

Martin Wyatt, Head of Partnerships at Gfinity, told Esports Insider: “The Street Fighter franchise is one with an incredibly rich heritage and we feel that the elite and challenger series’ are the perfect home for SFV and the effervescent FGC.

“The Challenger series provides an exciting clear progression path for Street Fighter fans to forge a career playing the game that they love, and we are totally confident that through our structure we will unearth the next best player in the world.”

As with the CS:GO announcement, Gfinity has put together a fun promotional video for this latest piece of news which you can see below.

Matt Edwards, Community and Esports Manager, Capcom said: “The UK is home to a very strong and expanding Street Fighter V competitive scene with vibrant communities in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Leicester to name a few. This makes our new partnership with Gfinity even more exciting. It gives aspiring Street Fighter V players an all new league to rise up and compete with the best.”

Esports Insider says: It’s a brilliant time to be a part of the Street Fighter community. Fans and players throughout the UK will now have an excellent opportunity to make a name for themselves via Gfinity’s grassroots focused Challenger Series. 

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