Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Will Introduce Near-Unkillable Villain Rayvis

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's release date may have been delayed, but its launch is still right around the corner. Cal Kestis's journey will continue on April 28, 2023, and when it does, he will be faced with an intimidating and almost-immortal new enemy named Rayvis. A new character shown during Jedi: Survivor's most recent trailer, and one hardcore Star Wars fans may have semi-recognized.

Rayvis is a brand new character being introduced to the Star Wars universe. His species, however, is not. As reported by IGN who spoke with Respawn's cinematic director Dori Arazi and lead writer Danny Homan, Rayvis is a Gen'dai. A race that got its biggest spotlight in Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars series 20 years ago but hasn't received much attention since.

That's a shame because the Gen'dai sound fascinating. Rayvis is the large gentleman who tells his henchman to remind Kestis why the Jedi are supposed to be dead in the trailer below. That appearance got those familiar with the Gen'dai very excited, and the many who don't questioning who exactly this new character is. Now you know, and if there is a point where Kestis has to kill Rayvis, it may well be the toughest battle the Jedi has faced yet.

Although the Gen'dai's homeworld was destroyed years ago, those who survived are notoriously hard to kill. Rayvis and his people live for thousands of years, which means the new character has stood by and watched both the Jedi and the Empire rise, and seen the former fall. You might think breaking through Rayvis's armor will be the key to bringing him down, but it turns out that may well be there for everyone else's protection rather than Rayvis's.

Hiding under that armor is a mass of tentacles that regenerate when damaged, hence why Rayvis and his kind are so hard to kill. Hopefully Kestis's new foe will eventually see how alike the Gen'dai and the Jedi are and side with Cal. Someone who is effectively unkillable is definitely the kind of person you want on your side, especially since Cere seems busy, and there has still been no mention of where exactly Merrin and Greez have gone.

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