Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Sonic Frontiers Mod Adds "Impossible" Difficulty Mode

Sonic Frontiers seems to be going down well with fans, but with the story lasting around 15 to 20 hours, many fans have likely already blasted through their first playthrough and are looking for a challenge. So if you're a PC player who thought the base game was just a bit too easy, then this might be the perfect mod for you.

Impossible Difficulty is a mod that's currently in development over on Game Banana, giving Sonic Frontiers players a much greater challenge in all aspects of the game. Whether it's running around the open zone or blasting through Cyber Space levels, the mod aims to make everything harder – or even impossible – as enemies are made tougher and S rank requirements are increased.

The mod is being developed by Game Banana user The Duck Dealer, and is free to download now. It might still be in development, but numerous changes have already been made, making a whole range of tasks in the game much harder to complete.

So far, the mod increases skill tree unlock requirements, buffs enemies, decreases the time you're given to complete puzzles, gives you fewer rings through Cyloop, and much more. One of the more notable features is that it even restores some cut attacks for enemies, making them more unpredictable.

Impossible Difficulty has already been downloaded more than 2,300 times at the time of writing and is regularly supported by the creator. The next patch will come "in a week or so", according to an update, and will focus on nerfing the Starfall events, which typically give players more in-game currency than they know what to do with. Under new changes, the roulette wheel will stop if you don't keep collecting star pieces, making it harder to bag a bunch of rewards from this event. The next update will also fix some of the bugs that players have encountered, so don't worry if you're running into some issues while using the mod.

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