Saturday, 23 Sep 2023

Skate 4 dreams are ruined as EA abandons Skate trademark

Anyone holding out for an announcement of Skate 4 had better prepare for some bad news, as EA effectively kill the entire franchise.

Remember those remasters of ‘fan favourites’ that EA was promising to make? Well, they’re not going to include Skate or its sequels, as the publisher gives up ownership of the name.

Although they’ve always had a vocal fanbase, and reviewed very well, the Skate games have never been particularly successful for EA, which is presumably why they’ve abandoned the rights to the trademark.

There’ve been teases on and off for years that a fourth game might be made, but in the end it all seems to have come to naught. Unless for some reason they want to continue the series with a different name.

There’s also a slight possibility that this is a mistake on EA’s part, as the legal page for the trademark states that it was abandoned because of a, ‘Failure To Respond Or Late Response’.

EA aren’t the sort of company you’d expect to be employing lackadaisical lawyers though, so the most obvious assumption is they abandoned the trademark on purpose.

Without it they can’t release a new sequel or a remaster, which effectively means the entire franchise is now dead.

There’s still the outstanding question of which older games they do plant to remaster though, with Dead Space and Mass Effect still being the most obvious guesses.

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