Monday, 26 Feb 2024

Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Gives Solid Hygiene Advice

As the threat of Covid-19 remains ever present around the world, Pyramid Head would like to remind everyone to wash their hands frequently with soap and water to limit any potential spread. Freelance artist Masahiro Ito (@adsk4) often draws the character in situations we would not normally expect to see, but the helpful advice to stay safe and clean is quite on brand for the character.

Pyramid Head first appeared in Silent Hill 2 in 2001 as the main antagonist that stalks James Sunderland, and has always embodied complex psychological representations to justify its existence. In Revelation, writer and director M.J. Bassett described Pyramid Head/Red Pyramid as a surrogate father to protect a kidnapped character, appearing twice to save the character of Heather.

The protector trait has often been used in theories as to why Pyramid Head exists in several Silent Hill games, and so it’s quite fitting to see advice offered for proper hand-washing hygiene.

The tweet comes at an interesting time for fans of the Silent Hill series, with rumors and clues popping up to indicate that we may finally see a new game in the works, and Konami quickly appearing to shoot down those rumors.

Whatever the status of Silent Hill is, listen to Pyramid Head and wash your hands thoroughly!

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