Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Respawn hits a home run with the Apex Legends Winter Express LTM

The Holo-Day Bash winter event is live now in Apex Legends and players are loving it. The game has been in a rough state since around Season 2 with the implementation of skill-based matchmaking. Although, reports suggest that maybe that mechanic was recently tweaked. Regardless, players have been having a great time with the Holo-Day Bash, especially when playing the Winter Express Limited Time Mode (LTM). Respawn looks to have a big hit on its hands with this mode, and many are asking for it to stay permanently. So, with such massive success, should Respawn look into more LTMs like Winter Express for Apex Legends?

Winter Express huge hit for Respawn

Many Apex Legends players are saying they are finding much more enjoyment playing the Winter Express LTM than they have with recent additions and alterations to the game. The gameplay is faster and fans are enjoying the round-based respawning. Along with this, the custom classes each Legend has are an added choice for players. You can see for yourself how fans are perceiving the Winter Express LTM on Reddit.

  • I’m officially addicted to this mode